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By Gordon, Jan 22 2016 11:42AM


We don’t know how you found your way here, what you hope to find or how it might enrich your life, but we hope you will find something of value that makes the time spent here worthwhile.

Okay, so what are we, and this blog, about?

Well we want to at ‘Mental Health and Ill-Health’ and we want to do it in an informed and balanced way. We’ll endeavour to look at things from a range of perspectives both old and new. We want to draw upon the lived experience of real people but also the ‘theoretical’ and see how they match. We will try and make everything GROUNDED in reality and we don’t mind (respectful) disagreement.

We also want to look at ‘Rights’ and how these operate in reality, for that is how these things should be judged. We’d like to explore concrete achievable ways in which people can be supported to access their rights and what they can do to protect themselves. We know that narratives around rights are often framed in an opposed adversarial way but we are also interested in partnership and preventative approaches to protecting rights. Again we will try and make everything grounded in reality and we don’t mind (respectful) disagreement.

So how can you shape this? Well we are happy to engage in dialogue where it meets and adds value to the (above) aims of the blog. We would hope this would allow a small community of interested people to gain value from exploring and discussing both current and theoretical issues relevant to the ‘Mental Health Community’ in Scotland.

Thank you for reading.

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